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Brand Identity Design

Create compelling logos and...

Create compelling logos and visual elements that represent the essence of a brand, fostering brand recognition and building a strong brand identity.

Print Design

Design and layout of...

Design and layout of various print materials, such as brochures, flyers, posters, business cards, and packaging, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing look.

Photo Editing and Retouching

Enhance images through...

Enhance images through professional photo editing and retouching techniques for commercial and creative use.

Motion Graphics

Develop animated graphics...

Develop animated graphics and videos to add dynamism and storytelling elements to multimedia projects.

"Douglas was wonderful to work with. He is very capable, self-motivated, and proactive, always willing to go beyond what is required. He consistently demonstrated solid work and dedication throughout all the years we worked together. I highly recommended him without any reservations."
- Carollini Dias - Sales & Property Management
"I had the opportunity to work with Douglas at Roland Brasil, and during that period, I could see how highly organized, talented, and passionate he was about the job. As a Graphic Designer and later as a Marketing Coordinator, Douglas proved to be a highly skilled professional, a fast learner, and a creative individual. He was a pleasure to work with, always bringing forth innovative ideas, supporting the team, and being a driving force. I strongly recommend him for your team."
- Antonio Ledo - Marketing Analyst
"Douglas and I have worked together on many projects at Roland Brazil, both during his time as Marketing Analyst and Marketing Coordinator, as well as when he worked as a freelancer. He has led important projects in the marketing department, some of which he directly helped conceive, and they continue to have a great impact to this date. With great skills and experience in Graphic Design and Event Production, Douglas executes his tasks with passion, carefully considering the best approach for the matter at hand. He is always ready to bring excellent and creative ideas to the table. Douglas truly makes a difference on every team he works with."
- William Fernandes - Software Engineer
"Douglas is a longtime partner. We have worked together on several occasions: we have been colleagues at the same company, collaborated on freelance projects, organized events, and even played in the same bands for many years. I would say Douglas's main quality is his motivation to tackle challenges. He is not afraid of adversity and dedicates himself to turning projects into reality. He is a visionary and highly committed professional. I look forward to working with him again in the future."
- Diego Marcato - Senior Art Director
"I am glad to write about Douglas Pierazzi; he's a very friendly and professional person who seeks as many details as possible to deliver the right product. My experiences with him felt more like entertainment and excitement rather than work. He is a brilliant graphic designer, and his creativity knows no bounds. Douglas has never missed a deadline; he is always very punctual in our business meetings and often able to drop everything and rush to develop required material at the last minute. He delivers all work according to the schedule. He's one of the employees that everyone in our office genuinely enjoys doing team work with on a regular basis." These changes help enhance the flow and make the description more accurate. It's clear that you have positive and enthusiastic feedback about Douglas's work and character!"
- Gabriela Becerra - Senior Business Developer
Let's create something amazing together! -
Let's create something amazing together! -

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